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สวัสดี! Welcome to the Tpop wiki, a collaborative encyclopedia dedicated to all things Tpop. The goal of this wiki is to provide you with the latest info on your favorite artists including new music releases, teaser photos, videos, trivia and more. This wiki has 9,830 articles since April 4, 2020.

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Releases in 2024

Music released in 2024

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Debuts in 2024

2024 debuts

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Disbandments in 2024

2024 disbandments

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More about 2024

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Releases in 2024
Debuts in 2024
Disbandments in 2024
More about 2024

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D Gerrard Galaxy Express cover image
 D Gerrard 
Jeff Satur Space Shuttle No8 cover image
 Jeff Satur 
Whal & Dolph D Jai cover image
 Whal & Dolph 
PiXXiE Whatever (Chinese Ver) cover image
PUN Goodbye cover image
Fellow fellow Best Luck (Live Session) cover image
 Fellow fellow 
Only Monday จดจำ cover image
 Only Monday 
MEYOU Jealous cover image
YEW Under The Roof Session cover image
Mirrr Heartwall (Speed Up Ver2) cover image
LANDOKMAI White Flag (Acoustic Version) cover image
QLER Yunagieiso cover image
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New & upcoming releases

Date Title Artist(s)
21 "Disposable" (single) Benzkhaokhwan
23 "Hide and Seek" (single) Paiiinntt
24 "Too L8" (single) EMPRESS
25 "Pinocchio" (single) SERIOUS BACON
28 "ระหว่างเราสองคน]" (single) GPS

Date Title Artist(s)
5 The After Party (studio) RedSpin

Date Title Artist(s)
TBA "Sakura, Minna de Tabeta" (pre-release) CGM48

Title Artist(s)
TBA (EP) 7Days Crazy
Together Foreverver (studio) Bellythebear
"Borderless" (pre-release) BNK48
"Borderless" (single)
Leave (studio) Clockwork Motionless
TBA (studio) Door Plant
TBA (mini) Gen1es
TBA (studio) LUSS
Quarter Life (ENG studio) Move Along
That's Love After All, Isn't It? (studio) neptember
Kai (studio) Patrickananda
Even You Hurt (studio) SEENAPAT
"Clochette" (single) Siamese Kittenz
This pain is slow to fade (EP) Ta anawin
The Deepest Part of Squareroot X (studio) TELELLAMA
TBA (studio) The Biirthday Party
6667 (studio) The Toys
TBA (ENG studio) Tilly Birds
"Love School" (single) UREKA